Back to a Busy Schedule at the House

April 1st, 2019

Last week, the House met briefly Monday and Tuesday to pass Senate bills through first and second reading. Since it was spring break for most of Oklahoma’s schools, my family spent a few days with me at the Capitol, where I was able to recognize them on the House floor before my colleagues. My kids even got to spend a little time with me on the floor during session, which was a really cool experience for them and especially for me!

Last Tuesday was also the Oklahoma Youth Expo Legislative Show, where legislators are matched with a distinguished FFA or 4-H member from their district. Lawmakers at both state and federal levels show their student’s animal in a friendly competition. I was paired with Madison Baker from Marlow High School and had the opportunity to show her pig. Thankfully she was a great coach and helped guide me through it! I had a great time working with Madison and competing against my colleagues.

This week was back to a busy schedule, with a full committee calendar and daily session. On Wednesday, I passed two bills that I serve as House author of through committee.

Senate Bill 589, by Sen. Darrell Weaver, requires the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police to conduct compliance reviews for Oklahoma Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies if there’s a complaint or reasonable belief that the agency failed to comply with safety and liability standards. If a department fails to come into compliance within six months of the review, the Association would notify leaders of appropriate agency to hold the department accountable. The bill unanimously passed the House County and Municipal Government Committee and now advances to the floor for consideration.

I also passed SB853 on behalf of Sen. Chris Kidd. This bill is a companion bill of HB1912, which you may remember I authored and passed overwhelmingly off the House floor a few weeks ago. SB853 increases the county elected officials’ monthly travel reimbursement limit by $100 per month. This limit hasn’t been raised in over 12 years. This bill also passed the House County and Municipal Government Committee strongly. 

During session, I showed off several outstanding residents of District 51 on the House floor. On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to introduce Dr. Jeanette Bartow Kelley as the House’s “Doctor of the Day.” Dr. Kelley does a wonderful job serving the community of Blanchard.

The Bray Doyle High School football team was recognized by the House on Tuesday for winning the 2018 Academic State Championship for the first time in school history. These students not only exceed academically, but also athletically. This season, the team made state playoffs for the first time in 14 years.

The team also endured an unexpected tragedy during football season when one of their teammates, Joe Lumbert, tragically lost his life in an auto accident. The community rallied together to support the Lumbert family and his team. This season was one that will always be remembered in Bray Doyle history, and it was my honor to host the team at the Capitol. It was a day I know I will not soon forget.

The House and Senate met in joint session for Veterans Awareness Day on Wednesday. The Governor and Lt. Governor joined us to recognize the sacrifice of our state’s veterans. District 51 is home to many of veterans and we’re incredibly grateful for their service!

I encourage my constituents in District 51 to contact me with questions or concerns about legislation. You can reach me at (580) 641-3153 or God Bless! 

Rep. Brad Boles