Biden Vaccine Mandate is Government Overreach

September 13th, 2021

The U.S. president announced this week a vaccine mandate for health care workers and federal workers. He has also stated that he plans to pursue avenues to require private businesses to issue vaccine mandates for their employees if the business employs more than 100 people.

I firmly believe that it is not the government’s role to mandate to private businesses that their employees must receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

I believe that every Oklahoman, including first responders, healthcare workers, federal employees and contractors, and anyone working in private business, should have the freedom to make a personal choice whether to receive the vaccine or not. This should remain a personal decision for each individual person in consultation with their doctor or other health care provider.

Our country was built on individual freedoms and personal responsibility. I’m proud that in Oklahoma, we still believe in these values despite the overreaching actions of the federal government.

This is why it was extremely critical that we passed House Bill 1236 this session. The bill established an intrabranch process for legal challenges of federal rules, executive orders or Congressional actions harmful to the rights of Oklahomans and the state of Oklahoma. It passed the Legislature and was signed into law in May, and went into effect immediately. I was proud to coauthor this bill, along with many of my Republican colleagues, to ensure Oklahoma has a chance to fight back against what we believe are unconstitutional federal mandates.

Additionally, I would like to commend Governor Stitt, Attorney General O’Connor, House Speaker McCall and Senate Pro Tempore Treat who have all publicly stated that they oppose the Biden administration’s new mandate. The Attorney General has already announced he plans to lead efforts to protect our state rights and fight back against this federal government overreach.

The government should not be in charge of your health decisions. That responsibility should rest with citizens alone.

Those who do wish to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination may do so at or find other vaccination opportunities at

Again, whether or not you choose to receive the vaccine, your health decisions should be made by you personally and not be mandated by the government.

I will provide updates on this issue as the litigation moves forward. As always, please reach out to me with any questions or concerns regarding vaccine mandates or any other topic. God bless!

The Easley family and Stephens County Assessor Dana Buchanan with Governor Stitt at the Ceremonial Bill Signing for HB1062 that I authored this session. This bill helps fully disabled military veterans such as Mr. Easley’s family who are my constituents.
Me with my friend Mitch Williams who invited me to be his guest speaker at the Chickasha Rotary Club this past month.
Chickasha Superintendent Croslin and I with members of his school board as well as Chickasha Mayor Mosley and Rep. Lowe and Sen. Paxton. We were at the Chickasha school faculty back to school event.
Senator Garvin and I were excited to host the Rush Springs Watermelon Queen Jerricka Funk at the Capitol last month! Thank you to Miller Farms and Joel Tumblson for providing all the watermelon for everyone at the Capitol to enjoy as well as Joe Dorman and the Rush Springs Lions Club for helping coordinate this event!
First Day of School pictures for my kids!
Kristin: 5th Grade
Matthew: 3rd Grade
We are praying for all the students, teachers and faculty to have a very blessed year!
Sen. Garvin and I doing a radio interview with George Plummer at Kool 105.5 at the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival a few weeks ago.
My wife Michelle and I had the opportunity to get away for a few days to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary.
We really enjoyed participating in the Bridge Creek Homecoming Parade and festivities last week. Pictured with me is Bridge Creek Superintendent David Morrow.
Family picture at Bridge Creek Parade.
Last week, Oklahoma Tax Commissioner Clark Jolley and Deputy Director Jessica Grogis spent the afternoon with me in HD51! They spoke at the Marlow Lions Club at noon and then afterwards we met with Marlow Superintendent George Coffman, Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard at the Marlow Review, Dana Underwood at the Marlow Tag Agency, Lyle Roggow and Nicole Punneo at DAEDF and lastly Stephens County Assessor Dana Buchanan.